Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Hey everyone!! Chic in The City has a new home. I will now be blogging from my new blog, lolly!! save on your computer, and let the adventures in my wonderland begin!

A little history behind the name: "LOLLY" was a nickname given to me by my parents. My dad called me lollipop growing up, & this shortened to lolly over the years. I am loving the new blog name & hope you will too!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Athens FW: Welcome to Georgia!

Last week, Lo and I traveled to Athens, GA for a look at their fashion week. Arriving in Atlanta, we could not wait to meet Nicole (the head of PR for AFW). After a fun car ride to the wonderful city of Athens, we ate an amazing lunch at Marti's at Midday. Delish!
Checking into our hotel, we quickly freshened up for the shows. Oh, let me introduce you to the most amazing team at Athens FW: Nicole McClellan, Corey McCants and Richie Knight! Without these people, the wonderful week would not have been possible. We headed over to Bad Manor to see what Athens FW was all about. First up, LK and Emma Graham. Wonderful pops of fresh colors, loving the Spring collections here. Up next? Men's Fashion. Designers included Ralph Lauren, Southern Proper, Southern Marsh, Bacon Handmade Neckwear and the Otter Bay Company. Frat boys meet yacht club, a look that does well in Texas too! The stage quickly transformed for Judith March where she displayed her game day inspired collection. They even had a Justin Bieber impersonator!! Being someone with Bieber Fever, this was fantastic. He not only looked like Bieber, but sounded like him too. The final show?! Victoria's Secret Swimwear strutting down the runway. And that was a wrap to our day full of traveling and fashion shows. Lo and I decided to go back to the hotel and get some rest for our next day.
Beautiful weather and a wonderful lunch with Lo at the Foundry Park Inn started our next day. We met up with her cousins Tim and Camille for dinner at Last Resort much fun! The next AFW event, Cocktails & Couture for a Cause, was hosted by one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Can you guess which one?? Kim Zolciak! Kim was very friendly as we discussed LOLO magazine with her. The night was still young, and the dance floor was hot. We had a blast dancing with Nicole and Corey...but this was not the end to our night. Nicole took us out Athen's style to the different bars downtown. I was soaking in the college night life, missing being a college student.
 photos Kim Zolciak Event: Blane Marable III
We headed home the next day. What amazing people we had met & friendships made! AFW was a huge success!! GREAT work to all involved, the shows were fabulous. I am looking forward to next year's AFW!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I continue to find myself so inspired by the Spring season this year. Maybe because of the fun trips & plans I have leading up to Summer? A weekend at the beach, fun with friends, a short trip to a fashion week with Lo. Life is good. White continues to make me feel free this season. Thank you fashion for keeping me on my toes.
love feeling the sun rays hit my skin as the beautiful days continue throughout this wonderful time of year. I am in LOVE with everything white. Spring you are a favorite, but Summer I am anxious for your arrival.
vogue paris april 2011


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Welcome to Punkie's Place

Lo and I made a trip to Round Top over the weekend to see what the Spring 2011 show had going on. As we pulled up to the large green and white striped circus tent, we knew we were in the right place. We were greeted by my aunt, Diane Conlee (owner/creator of Punkie's Place) & we couldn't be happier to be there.
Walking into the tent, I realized that reality had left me. Suddenly, I had entered a world of creativity, flashbacks to different eras, fun themes & vintage painted boots. BOLD colors, disco balls, fiesta, glitter, clothing, jewels & antiques galore. Similar to when Alice entered her Wonderland. I could not believe that Diane had done it again. She transformed the space into a junky, funky store in only one week. Each year I am amazed that she has figured out a way to make Punkie's Place better than the previous show. Punkie's has become a hot spot at the Round Top shows twice a year, people come from all over the country to see what Diane and the Punkie's dealers have put together. Not to mention she is extremely fun to be around! We may not be able to venture down the rabbit hole like Alice, but everyone can have the Punkie's Place experience.
the famous PUNKIE!
If you haven't been this show, I strongly suggest going to Round Top and seeing the magic for yourself! Lo & I left with so much inspiration we can hardly contain it! 

OH, we also have exclusive interviews with Diane (Punkie's Place) and Hannah (Birthday Boot Co.) that will be published in the first issue of LOLO magazine. I will keep you posted!

LOLO magazine

LOLO is turing into a full online magazine soon! We are so excited!
Lolo Magazine is the resort for the ultimate lifestyle experience. Integrating the food, fashion, and beauty industries, Lolo Magazine offers a resource to make your life healthy, fashionably pleasing, and culturally well-rounded. We offer a new perspective on the idea of the muse, providing insider ways to emulate the lifestyles of those who inspire you by featuring model and designer lifestyles and personality files that tap into real lives. At Lolo Magazine, living is more than just dreaming. This online mag is a one-stop route to discovering industry buzz, fashion week reviews, local shopping hot spots, fresh new recipes, and all-the-rage beauty products.

To keep up with the latest news on the launch and fashion tips join LOLO magazine on facebook. Love to TWEET?! So do we! Follow LOLO on twitter: @LOLOmagazine. Until then, we hope you are as excited about the magazine as we are! Stay tuned...

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Feathers have become a popular hair accessory this season. Yes, they are real bird feathers meaning that you can wash them, dry them, even curl or straighten them! Do they last? You bet! They can stay in your hair for over a month (or longer) & still look fabulous. I have fallen in love with my feather extensions and you will too.
In Austin, you can go to South Congress on Sunday afternoons by the food trailers to find a girl who will add one to your do. Pick from several colors & get as many as you want!
Roundtopper?! Starting this Friday, Punkie's Place will also have feathers available! If you are planning to go to Roundtop then stop at Punkie's... if you aren't planning to go to the amazing antique show, well you may want to consider changing your plans. Get feathered!!